Can't disable mail feature of virtualmin subdomains | SOLVED

Operating system: Debian
OS version: 9

Hi everyone

So basically I want to completely disable email features at my virtualmin vps, but , when i perform the following using terminal:

virtualmin disable-feature --all-domains --mail

I don’t know why, but all domains have their email deactivated but subdomains keeps appearing as email enabled, so when I go to System Settings-> features and plugins , I keep having the option of mail enabled at ‘X’ domains, where X are only subdomains.

I have already tried deactivating through the GUI at edit servers options through parent domain for each, but after I perform that virtualmin keeps showing all subdomains with email option enabled.

never mind my bad .

I migrated my subservers from cpanel and they werent converted to subserver and this created a misconfiguration that didnt make inheritance of mail features to be reflected in subdomains while running that command.

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