Can't create new virtual server in Vitualmin after upgrading Webmin from 1900 to 1910 (network interface issue)

I’m experiencing a serius issue in Virtualmin after upgrading Webmin from 1900 to 1910.

The issue is related to a bug in Webmin Network Interfarce management. After upgrade I can’t see current machine IPs listed in Network Interface module.

Going to the WEBMIN -> NETWORKING -> NETWORK CONFIGURATION, the NETWORK INTERFACES page says that both the network interface and loopback one I’m currently using have a ‘No address configured’ inside the IPv4 Address column, but I can connect to webmin using the IPv4, so I presume that the issue it related to a wrong way Webmin is now managing the network address and in passing the IPv4 address information to the Create Virtual Server process in Virtualmin.
Now, when trying to create a new VIrtual Server in the usual way, I get this error: “Failed to create virtual server : New virtual server has no IP address! Perhaps Virtualmin could not work out the system’s default IP.”

All is running on CentOS Linux 7.6.1810 virtual machine, on ESXi v 6.5

Any hint to solve it? I had to downgrade to 1900 to get it working again
Thank you in advance

Any suggestion for this problem?

i’m having the same issue, for some reason, any suggestions?

I might be confusing this with another topic, I apologise if I have, however,
Isn’t the solution to this to manually set the server ipaddress in your network adapter?

Yeah this appears to be a duplicate of this issue here:

Comment #4 in the above offers a temporary workaround, along with a tantative patch, until the full patch Jamie is working on goes out.