Can't Create, Edit or Save Autoresponse with Authentic Theme

A client is trying to set up an autoresponse/vacation message. I can see a previous autoresponse but cannot delete it nor edit it. I also cannot create a new filter when using the Authentic Theme in Usermin. I can make changes to the content of an old autoreply, but the save and delete buttons do nothing. I switched to the Virtualmin Framed Theme and it lets me create, save and edit mail filters and auto-reply.

As a double check, I switched back to the Authentic theme after making changes using the Virtualmin Framed Theme and it still would not allow creation, editing nor deleting. Switching back again to Virtualmin Framed Theme again allowed me to create, edit and delete.

I’m not offhand finding anywhere to check for Usermin theme updates. I am on Usermin 1.751

Thanks for any help.