Can't administer WebDAV

I’m running Virtualmin Pro 4.17 on an up-to-date Ubuntu 14.04 server. I can’t find any settings to enable WebDAV for virtual servers. The DAV-related Apached modules are loaded. There is nothing related to DAV on the “Features and plugins” list and no DAV settings in any virtual host. Is WebDAV still supported in Virtualmin?

Hello @CarltonGuc,

I’m experiencing the exact same issue, and searching for “dav” in Webmin I found that everything has to be configured through Usermin.
So if I understand properly if you want to use Webdav you have to install Usermin module.

Can anyone confirm this is the only way to setup WebDav in Virtualmin ?

Thanks for any input

Thanks. I was looking for solution of this one.