Can't add a Website FTP access user

I am trying to create an ftp only user for one of my websites. When I click “add a Website FTP access user” and fill in/submit it I get the following:

Failed to save mailbox : Home directory must be an existing directory for website FTP users

I have another webmin/virtualmin box that this works fine on. But on this server, it doesn’t work. Any suggestions.


Hmm, is there something unusual about your DocumentRoot for this particular domain?

Normally, that would be set to use /home/USERNAME/public_html – is this domain perhaps using a different path?


Hi Eric,

I mostly fixed the problem. I was messing around with specifying the “public_html” folder for that user and when I deleted the ftp user it deleted the public_html dir (as I read in other posts) - that’s why I was getting that error.

So now I can create the standard Wesite FTP user. However, by default my Virtualmin is making this user’s shell /dev/null, when it should be /bin/false. I simply changed that under Users/Groups so now I can login fine.

But how do I tell Virtualmin to give a Website FTP user a default of /bin/false for a shell each time I create a new Website FTP user. It should have been setup out of the box to do that. Maybe I changed one of the defaults somewhere?



You can set the default shell that’s used by going into System Customization -> Custom Shells.

You’d want to tweak the shell used for when the “Access” is “FTP-only”.