Can't access Virtualmin Remote HTTP API

I try to access remote http api using url like this:


Its not work !,
Output: Virtualmin Login Form
Expected Output: List Domain

So, i try to acces demo virtualmin using remote http api like this:


It’s work !.

What wrong with my Virtualmin ?
I use virtualmin GPL on debian 4.

Thanks before for all comments

Zulkhaery Basrul

Problem solved.
I thick "Disable session authentication" under Webmin Configuration–>Authentication

But i little confuse with this output:

Remote program /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/ does not exist

My Question:
Does command line API not install automatically when i install virtualmin. ? I’m install virtualmin manually not using install script (server os: debian).

Thanks Joe for your execellent program.
I planned to purchase Pro Version sometime,not enough money now.

Zulkhaery Basrul
Jakarta, Indonesia