CAnt access virtualmin from landline internet connection but i can from mobile device

This is really pissing me off…why can i not access my server from a landline internet connection however i can access it from cellular data connection?

Does anyone have some techniques for stopping this from happening regularly?

Is this a server memory issue (my server has 600MB RAM). If i cannot access virtualmin to fix the ram issue how should i go about disabling stuff to free up ram?

EDIT…i have increased my server to 1 CPU @2.5 GHZ with 1.67GB RAM. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

I have also changed my firewall rules. Previously i had combined ports in google cloud network. I have now separated the port rules into their own lines…dont know if that makes any difference (but at least i can follow them more easily)

Do you mean this site or your server running Virtualmin?

If it’s the last one, I would suggest checking your server’s firewall. Your landline IP is probably banned by your server, or maybe your data center. What error do you get exactly?Can you ping the server from your landline?

600 MB RAM is indeed tiny to run all Virtualmin services required. Apache alone with MySQL would eat that. You will have to shut down some services and run everything at minimal, but if that were the problem, (service crashing) you would not be able to access from anywhere, so I don’t think it’s related.

i am able to access my Google Cloud Platform Webmin/Virtualmin server again.
I am not sure if its fixed the issues completely as any functions i attempt to visit take forever to refresh on my virtualmin screen (about half a minute at least before screen refreshes). I am not sure if this is caused by my home internet connection or if its virtualmin doing it. I am about to check on a mobile device to see how long it takes to refresh…

UPDATE…its working perfectly on my android mobile phone so it must be my home internet connection causing the problem. I suspect its my technicolor TG587 modem or my ISP. Exceedingly frustrating how much trouble ones own internet connection can cause when one is learning how to problem solve through web server setups.

The strange thing is generally my internet connectivity to websites that i tend to browse a lot is normal…so i am not sure why Webmin/Virtualmin webserver is causing it grief?

hi… as you mentioned what your phone have no issues… can you specify if that phone when you accessing virtualmin/webmin is connected or it is not connected to the same network (wifi) like your computer which cannot connect? - just to be clear regards isp…

  • test it in both ways, and we go from there. - oh also whats your computer os?

If you are trying to access Webmin/Virtualmin with a domain name from your LAN, it’s probably your router that won’t let you go out of the LAN and them come back in. Mine is the same. Some, not all, routers do this.
You need to edit your hosts file on the computer you want to access your server on. Your machine needs to know the local LAN IP of the server.
On Ubuntu hosts is located in /etc
You just need to add a couple of lines to your hosts file:
Put the LAN IP of your server and your domain name.
It’s the same method with windows, just edit hosts with notepad as administrator.