Can't access to phpmyadmin

I have a server for webhosting. It is running Ubuntu 10.04.3 with Webmin/Virtualmin 3.96.
Everything was running well since an upgrade recently :
I can’t access anymore the the phpmyadmin at the adress domain.tld/phpmyadmin/ in my browser.
It asks what it should open the php file : application/x-httpd-php (6.6 Ko)
So the index.php file is not executed.
Where should be the problem ? I checked the settings and .conf files are ok, services are running…
Is there a problem with the latest update 3.95>3.96 ? Or Apache/Mysql/Phpmyadmin modules ?
Thanks for your help !

Do you happen to have phpMyAdmin installed using the Ubuntu package? That can cause the problems you’re describing.

You can determine that by running this command:

dpkg -l phpmyadmin

Thanks for your help.
The phpmyadmin were working fine during months but now the access is broken.

Here is the answer :

dpkg -l phpmyadmin

Souhait=inconnU/Installé/suppRimé/Purgé/H=à garder
| Ãtat=Non/Installé/fichier-Config/dépaqUeté/échec-conFig/H=semi-installé/W =attend-traitement-déclenchements
|/ Err?=(aucune)/besoin Réinstallation (Ãtat,Err: majuscule=mauvais)
||/ Nom Version Description
ii phpmyadmin 4:3.3.2-1ubunt MySQL web administration tool

What does this answer to the command line may mean ?
Shall I re-install the package ?
Is it the 3.96 version security update that can cause such a problem ?
Thanks for your help.

I upgraded to 3.97 but it doesn’t work better.
any clue ?

Chances are that the phpmyadmin Ubuntu package installed an Apache config file that’s conflicting with the individual config setup for your “domain.tld” Virtual Server.

Just to clarify – when you browse to “domain.tld/phpmyadmin/” – is that an Install Script you had installed?

If so, I’d recommend removing the phpmyadmin Ubuntu package – and also making sure it didn’t leave behind any config files.

Then restart Apache and try accessing your phpmyadmin page again.


Thanks Eric for your reply. On all the domains I have on the server, I installed the Phpmyadmin script. So all domains have a /phpmyadmin/ folder. All of them are unaccessible. index.php is not interpreted.
see :
Is there another way to have phpmyadmin on the server ?
I will uninstall the script and re-install if that could bring it back to life.


I’m not suggesting there’s a problem with your script, I’m offering that I think your Install Script and the Ubuntu package are conflicting.

I’d recommend removing the Ubuntu package.


I removed the phpmyadmin package and that works !!!
with : sudo apt-get --purge remove phpmyadmin
Thanks Eric.