Can't access the webmin virtualmin


I cannot access the webmin/virtualmin console with the following url -

As soon as I do that, the entire server becomes unresponsive.




Hmm, I’m not sure why the server would become unresponsive after accessing a service on it.

Is this a dedicated server, or a VPS?

What is the output of these three commands:

free -m netstat -an | grep :10000 dmesg | tail -30


I just realised it had expired, I have renewed it but new keys have still not appeared under download section



I applied your license extension, thanks for renewing!

However, that wouldn’t actually be the cause of your server not working.

If your license expires, that would prevent you from obtaining additional Virtualmin updates and new Install Scripts.

It doesn’t remove any existing features though, and wouldn’t cause your system to be unresponsive.

If you’d like to continue troubleshooting this issue, let us know the answers to the questions above, as well as the output of the comments mentioned in my above comment. Thanks!