can't access serverDomain/webswithoutDomain after vhost created


I’m new in virtualmin! i have some websites stored in /var/www/ that i accesed with domainserver/websitewithoutDomain or ipServer/websitewithoutDomain. But after virtualhost created with virtualmin the serverDomain is redirected to the vhost. And the ipServer also is trying accessing to the vhost recently created. So i can’t access to websites stored in /var/www/ anymore.

I dont touched apache2.conf after virtualmin modifications. But sites-enabled seem right. And in sites-enabled folder 000-default is well configured i think.

How can i fix this?


With Virtualmin, it is recommended to put all Apache vhosts in a Virtualmin server under /home/SERVERNAME, and not in /var/www. Virtualmin is configured to for the most part only serve webpages from /home/*, and mixing that with /var/www can lead to problems.

Also, how did you install Virtualmin? Did you use the installer script on a clean Linux installation? Especially for newbies it’s highly recommended to do that, and not configure things manually or use Virtualmin on a system that already hosts webpages.


The problem was a misconfiguration in 000-default file.
I fix it replacing ":80" for “ipserver:80” in the header of vhost.
I’ve the rest of websites inside /home/
Thank you.