can't access or download backups (trying to migrate websites to a new server)

so i have a brandnew install of virtualmin/webmin on a brandnew vps running centos

i have an existing server also running centos and virtualmin/webmin.

i did a backup of a single virtual server on my existing box and was then gonna download the backup file to my local computer … and was then gonna restore it to the new vps

the problem is when i try and download the generated backup file to my local computer i get errors that the file and directory don’t exist (even though i can see them) and that i can’t download the backup file because of permissions.

i tried changing the permissions but that didn’t help.

also i can’t delete the backup files from the existing server … because according to the error messages the files don’t exist (again even though i can see them)

i’ve never done server migration myself so i’m new to this … i have about ten sites i want to migrate to the new vps … is there a better way to do this?

bump … anybody?

should i move this to the issues area of the forum?

thanks in advance