Cant access Cloudmin Pro Download - Software license page blank

I am trying to get my 13 virtualmin servers under control and have purchased cloudmin pro to do so. I do not see my license on the “Software License” page even though I have an active subscription.

Can you help?

On a side note, I just discovered your impending large release. Great news! I gotta say I love the software you’ve made &rave about it to all I discuss about hosting with.

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Make sure to address matters like this to @staff so you get the appropriate assistance in a timely manner.

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Hmm, I can see the order and license on your account, so I’m not sure why it’s not showing up in Software Licenses.

What browser are you using? Can you try a different one to rule out maybe stylesheet or ad blocker doing something weird?

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If you did something, it fixed it. When I view the software licenses page and it shows up perfectly in the same browser.

Thank you for handling that!

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I did nothing but give it a stern look.


Crazy. well somehow it now shows. I appreciate it.

Completely unrelated but I have managed to run Virtualmin completely from a docker container. If that’s of interest to you Cloudmin just installed successfully. So now I have Webmin / Virtualmin / Cloudmin from Docker :smiley:

If you’d like the docker image, I can send it to you along with the details in which I managed to get it running.

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Sure! We’ve had folks ask about dockerized Virtualmin and Cloudmin in the past, and it is on our radar (though to make it realistically usable in production it needs some support within Virtualmin and Cloudmin that isn’t there yet).

Usually works for me. Dumb looks, not so much.

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