can't access :10000 from other dns names

UPDATE: ignore the message below. I’m an idiot and messed up the DNS ip addresses…

Hi -
I’m not using the DNS module as I’m using outside DNS resolution. My server is behind a router, but in the DMZ host. I can connect to the :10000 site and the :20000 usermin using the DNS name I setup the server with, but with all my sub-domains, or any other DNS name that points to the IP address, doesn’t work.

For example, does get me the web page for the site, but doesn’t respond. I can only get to but doesn’t work. That’s even though gogogo and www hosts point to the same IP address…

So I think I need to tell Virtualmin to listen for this other DNS host names… This must be a FAQ, but I didn’t see it anywhere. Any suggestions?
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Sounds good, glad you got it working :slight_smile: