Cannot switch domains to different PHP version

I have installed php 5.4 as per instructions here: and now I have PHP 5.3.3 and PHP 5.4.40. I go to Server Configuration > PHP Versions and have changed the Default HTML directory to version 5.4.40 and click save. I’ve rebooted. But the changes do not take effect. inside the public_html php -v reveals that php 5.3.3 is still running. Not sure what is causing this… PHP is running in FCGId mode. Am I missing something?


Running “php” from the command line would indeed use the original PHP 5.3.3.

What’s different would be web pages executed under Apache.

Try adding a test.php script into your public_html folder, and in it, add the following contents:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Then, access that test.php script in your browser… when doing so, what PHP version does that show?


If you want to run the php 5.4 version from the command line the easy way in this case is

scl enable php54 bash

After which the new php executables will be at the head of your path. You’ll then be running PHP 5.4 from the command line.