Cannot set permissions for MySQL users

The “User Permissions” portion of the MySQL Database Server config appears to be broken. I use Maria DB 10.4.13. Users listed under “User Permissions” have the “Permissions” column reading “None”, except for the “root” user, who has “All”. When attempting to add permissions to any user, I get the following error:

" Columnselect_priv’ is not updatable ".

I could probably figure out how to adjust permissions for users using SQL commandline, but it would be a lot nicer to adjust via the UI. :slight_smile:

The “Database Permissions” tab also has issues. It took me forever to figure out that trying to give a user access to “Any” database or “Matching pattern” has no effect whatsoever. A separate permission entry for each database, per user, is required to get this working.


That version isn’t supported yet. I think it will be in the next Webmin release (but maybe not, there have been a lot of changes and this may not be one of the ones we caught/fixed).

Roger that; thank you!


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