Cannot set Only strong ciphers with perfect forward secrecy


Not sure if this is a bug or me being a noob.

i’ve got a fresh Webmin install (v1.872) on CentOS 7.

In Webmin> Webmin Configuration > SSL Encryption the default is “Only strong PCI-compliant ciphers”. When I change this to “Only stron gciphers with perfect forward secrecy” it fails with error “Failed to save SSL options : PFS requires Net::SSLeay version 1.57, but this system only has version 1.55”

yum list perl-Net-SSLeay* shows only

perl-Net-SSLeay.x86_64 1.55-6.el7

So no update available.

how can I fix this?


Same problem here,
it appears this is a bug at the moment.

Did anyone get an answer to this. I’m getting the same issue on Centos 7 install.

Any answer to this issue???


It sounds like the feature you’re hoping to use requires a newer version of that library than CentOS offers.

What you may need to do is install it from CPAN, rather than using the CentOS package.

That can be done with this command:

cpan -i Net::SSLeay

Can be but definition of strong Ciphers?

Which are NOW strong in Virtualmin itself?

Any uptodate DOCU?

i do this for more then a year now manual in the config files themself.