Cannot send emails with SMTP settings

Hello ,
I have 2 VPS with virtualmin (VPS 1 and VPS 2)

I migrated a site on prestashop from VPS 1 to VPS 2. everything works fine (website - database - ssl - …).
but on my prestashop website, when I have a new customer order, the order confirmation email is not sent to customers.
I looked at the SMTP setup with office365 which I did not touch and it works fine on my VPS 1. the test is OK and I have a test message that the mail has been sent.
on the other hand, I do not receive any mail.

I configured my site with another Gmail SMTP. everything is OK and the test is OK. but I still do not receive the test emails on my mailbox or on spam.

i made a copy of my site and uploaded it to my first VPS 1. and retest again, this time it works.

So my VPS 2 does not allow me to send emails via SMTP from gmail and office365.

to be sure, i installed another app, with the same office365 SMTP settings. the test is OK but nothing is received on my mailbox or on spam.

This problem has been going for 2 weeks without finding a solution :(. If someone can help me please.
PS: I have deactivated the firewall but still the same pb.

thanks a lot for your help

Look, if the SMTP settings for Office365 email account are the same on vps1 and vps2 then the email should go out fine after you have migrated the site from one server to the other. You might not even need to change SPF etc…

Can’t say more till you share logs.

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