Cannot send emails but I can receive

Hi there

I have a problem sending emails using postfix…

Webmin version 1.450 Virtualmin version 3.66 Pro

I did the Re-Check Config

your system is ready for use by Virtualmin.

so that’s good…

I tried sending an email by going to the postfix mail server and use

user mailboxes… not working…

I did a server test using

but I get this… Reverse DNS FAILED! This is a problem.

please help…<br><br>Post edited by: slyistheman, at: 2009/03/22 08:21

Well, if your reverse DNS is indeed not working, that could cause problems with mail delivery.

Whatever your hostname is, if you type "host YOUR_IP_ADDRESS", the returned value must match the hostname Postfix is presenting.

That’s what the “Reverse DNS” is – it’s likely saying that they either don’t match, or that you don’t have any reverse DNS setup.

Your ISP/hosting provider controls your reverse DNS, you’d need to contact them to update your reverse dns settings.

ok when I type host

I get this…

my domains comes from Go Daddy


I get this

Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Okay, so that means there is no reverse DNS setup.

Your domains come from GoDaddy, but how about the actual server itself – the provider hosting your server (who provided you the IP address) – that’s the organization that needs to create your reverse DNS records.

it's likely saying that they either don't match

I’ll just add a bit of clarification that they don’t need to match the hostname of the system. Any resolvable reverse lookup is fine (i.e., it doesn’t need to be the same as the hostname of the system, but it does need to resolve to some name that resolves back to the IP). The “match” Eric is referring to, I assume, is the name that you get from a reverse lookup resolves back to the same IP.


[joe@delilah ~]$ host domain name pointer
[joe@delilah ~]$ host has address

Note that the system is sending out mail as, and this isn’t a problem.

But, yeah…you don’t have reverse resolution. You must have it. Usually your host provides it, but sometimes they’ll delegate it to your DNS server if you ask them and tell them your DNS server IP (but, since it doesn’t need to be anything in particular, I would recommend you let your host provide it…but you obviously need to yell at them about not providing reverse currently).