Cannot open install script on the desktop

@ramin, Whenever we do not say what we mean, we are wrong. Computers and civility require precision, and writing down what we do not mean to say only confuses the issue.

We need to correct ourselves when we make mistakes and apologize humbly. That is one way we gain respect. Of course the inverse if true.

As to the rest, we all need to follow the instructions as clearly given. When we are not sure, lack an understanding of the issue or the instructions are not clear, we have come to the right place here.

@KitchM, I appreciate everything you said. If you were familiar with my short history in these forums I hope you would see a different picture than the one I left in this thread last week. Over all, I think I have been friendly and respectful most times. And because I’ll always be a novice at Linux and web tech, and I’m not insecure about it, I tend to have a soft spot for absolute beginners, particularly people with questions that go unanswered for days.

The point of my hostility last week is, was and always will be: Since when does anyone anywhere owe anybody an explanation for why they use something as innocuous as Notepad? I don’t care how talented or experienced a person may be, I won’t put up with childish nonsense like that, nor should anybody else.

I appreciate all you wrote. However, you still appear to miss the point which was that Gomez recommended a different editor than the one you mentioned. And you keep thinking it was the one you are using.

The fact is that each editor has its own idiosincracies. Some can render the proper format and some cannot. It was presumed that the other product would do the job so that the file came out in the proper format. If we want better output we need to use better software. Its sort of like people still using Windows when Linux is available. We can’t recommend a newbie use a bad editor when a perfectly good one is available.

Way off-topic, y’all. I’m closing this thread, as nothing good is going to come of it.