Cannot navigate to http://IP/~home/domain


I have a virtual server as expired. The document root is /home/domain/public_html
So now I want to access it via IP on browser and ended up trying this URL: http://IP/~home/domain

It doesnt show anything.
I changed the Default Server document root to this directory so the IP makes this the home, except the page is empty.

Any help please?


There’s some info about that here in the section "How do I make a users website available at "http://www.mydomain.tld/~username"?":

But I tried the last section with /home/%0… and after that all the domains from their existing vhosts would say “Page not found”.

I should have been clear.
I mean when I checked out the list, it gave me these steps that applied to my situation:

However, you can use this mode, if you wish.

To switch your Virtualmin server to behaving the way you’re used to, you just need to turn it on in Apache. Here’s how:

Browse to the Apache Webmin module.

Click on the Default virtual server (just be sure you know what your default Domain is so you can point folks to the right place).

Click on the Automatic Virtual Hosts icon.

Switch the radio button by Automatic virtual host root to the one beside the empty field, and fill in the field with, /home/%0/public_html. Note that if you’ve configured Virtualmin to create domains with a different path convention (e.g. “/home/a/abc”) things get more complicated and you’ll need to construct a path using the variables documented here:


because my license expired or something?

Nope, we just get dozens of questions every day. We try to keep up, but it’s just the three of us (and we don’t have budget to bring on any additional support folks; it can be hard to support an Open Source project). We do prioritize tickets in the tracker, which is for Virtualmin Professional users, but we try to answer everything here in the forums, too.

I don’t know the answer, off hand. What’s in the Apache access and error logs for that domain?

I haven’t tested the option you’re using recently – the docs for that are from Apache 1.3, we should probably just remove that part of the guide.

My suggestion is to try one of the first two options mentioned in the guide – either setting up an alias using an existing domain name, or using the “Preview Website” option.