Cannot log into Virtualmin from a workstation

I’m using version 3.48. Until last night, I used Virtualmin from a workstation. Late lastnight I could not log in. I typed: http://mydomain:10000 - it just hung there. I can use Virtualmin by logging into it from my server. Don’t want to do this.

What to do?<br><br>Post edited by: REMartin, at: 2007/10/24 17:41


REMartin wrote:

tit just hung there


Great suggestion. Usually works. Not in my case.

Thanks for the hint. I corrected my error in spelling. I did not intend there be a double meaning. I appreciate and respect the great effort Virtualmin folks are doing to provide a great product for those of us wishing to make the transistion from a very popular OS to a linux way of doing things and from a highly valued command line way of doing many things to a GUI way of doing the same in linux. Many more of us would use linux if we had time to learn linux (unix) commands, and many more will as GUI apps become available. Thanks Virtualmin and Webmin folks.