Cannot log in to VM created by cloudmin from other PCS via SSH on the same network

Though Cloudmin status for is SSH, I am unable to login to the VM from other PCs via SSH on the same network.

Cloudmin -> Run Commands -> ping -c2 shows this error: ping: Temporary failure in name resolution

I restarted the VM at least two times.

The VM itself was restored from a backup of cloudmin VM from another machine that had some hardware failure.

Not a space/ram issue: /kvm Virtualmin 7 14.35 GB of 31.26 GB 363.91 GB of 914.31 GB

I believe I got some Network issue here.

Appreciate help.

Im betting restoring from one machine to another ip is the issue. Double check networking config on the VM. I bet it still has the old IP or old gateway settings.

IP/Gateway/subnet are all same for both old/new.