Cannot install Perl module SOAP::Lite

When I try to install SOAP::Lite at Webmin >> Others >> Perl modules, I get this:

Downloading (230.67 kB)

Received 230.67 kB (100 %)
… download complete.

But then it just stops. I’m left with a hanging process “/usr/libexec/webmin/cpan/download.cgi” that I have to manually kill.

I’ve tried this on two servers. Any idea what’s wrong?

Installed CPAN (used, and SOAP::Lite installs OK via CPAN.

I think the problem is that this module presents a little questionnaire at install time. And that’s where Webmin hangs.

Thanks for the heads up… I’ll mention this issue to Jamie so that he can fix that in the next Webmin version.