cannot find link to create a new database

I was using webmin to create new databases, but it opens up a complete can of worms as far as permissions go.

Does anyone know where the heck the link is to create a new mysql database in virtualmin? I have seen it before but it seems to have disappeared.

The user I am logged in as has "unlimited" number of database permission set.

Does anyone know?


I have vm pro, btw.

just to make sure.
Log in as root, select the domain in the VM pane.
Go to Administration Options
go to Edit Owner Limits
and make sure the MySQL databases box is checked under Allowed capabilities and features

The Edit Databases link under the VM Pane should then be visible.

Else you might have created a group under Users and Group under the Webmin Pane and per haps limited access in there? Or limited access under the User?