Cannot enable SSL because mailman is not running

Because of security settings on a client PC which blocks mail access to non-SSL sites I need to install a certificate issued by a CA.

In Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled features the SSL option does not show up. I understand that is because in System Settings -> Features and Plugins the option SSL Webiste is not enabled.

However, when I enable is, I receive this error message:

Failed to save enabled features : The plugin Mailman cannot be used : The mailman queue processor /var/lib/mailman/bin/qrunner is not running on your system. It can be started in the [Bootup and Shutdown] module

But starting mailman is not successful when I thry that from Bootup and Shutdown. No error message.

Starting from the command line: systemctl start mailman exits without an error message but there is no mailman process.

In Servers -> Mailman Mailing Lists there is a message:

Virtualmin has detected that 1 virtual servers have mailman redirect URLs that do not match the Virtualmin base URL

I requested to fix that. The error message disappeared, but mailman does not start.

The production version: Debian 8, Webmin 1.800 Virtualmin 5.03.

I have another server running so I copied the virtual server to a test environment:
Debian 8, Webmin 1.881, Virtualmin 6.03
Same problem.

So in case Virtualmin is outdated, setting up a new environment and transferring the virtual server is no solution.

I don’t use mailing lists, I am just running the mail server. Why the connection with SSL. And how to solve this?

Doh… Because security settings… Man did you actually read what you said?

Yes, I actually read it. And re-read it as well. I don’t see anything I said or any error message related to security.

The error message about a different URL was resolved by VirtualMin itself and does not occur anymore. If that has anything to do with security.

What I see is something which seems to be unrelated (cannot enable SSL because mailman is not running) and for the life of it I fail to see the relation or the relation with security.

Disable mailman for that one virtual server that has it, then disable the feature in Features and Plugins.

Ahhh. I did disable mailman for that server. But I did not remove it from Features and Plugins. That did it. Thank you so much!

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