Cannot Edit SSL Certificate

Hallo friends.
I’m a new Virtualmin User and I hardly know myself yet.
I use 2 weeks my new Virtualmin System on Ubuntu 18.04.
The system is very good, however I have a question about SSL Manager.
When i go unter my vServer Domain to Server Configuration, i cannot finde “Manage SSL Certificate”.
To other community post, stand i must go to Virtualmin > System Settings > Account Plans > MyAccountName > Allowed capabilities and i must rake the SSL Manage Credentails.
When i do that and i rake the right positions, I will still not offered the function.

Theoretically, I must find the Manage SSL Certificate under vServer Domain -> Server Configurations -> Manage SSL Certificate.
Unfortunately, I do not do that.

I was wrong here. Please help me … :slight_smile:


In order to see “Manage SSL Certificate” the feature needs to be enabled for the domain.

  1. Edit Virtual Server
  2. Expand “Enabled Features”
  3. Make sure “Apache SSL website enabled” is checked.
  4. Click “Save Virtual Server”.

Once finished, the option “Manage SSL Certificate” will appear under “Server Configuration”.

Thx for your answer.
Under your description I cannot finde the point “Apache SSL website enabled is checked”.
This point is not offered to me.
What else can I try?