Cannot create virtual server

I wasn’t aware of virtual server quotas or an update that prevents me from adding additional virtual servers.

When I choose “Create Virtual Server”, I wind up in the “Create Alias Server” panel…
What happened here, and how do I get things working again?

Those limits come from Account Plans, but there is no limit by default.

If you have root access on the system, login as root and modify the account to have a different plan or modify the account plan to have different limits. If you don’t have root access on the system, talk to the person who does, as it’s been set by them.

“Limit on number of virtual servers” was set at “At most 0” in the default profile. Setting this value to a high number, or unlimited does not resolve the issue. I have root access.

There’s plenty of ssd space available. Dashboard keeps nagging about ‘license expiration’, but I gather this is totally unrelated.

Virtualmin Pro has domain limits, based on which license you have. And, there are no limits on Aliases, and if you’re seeing license warnings, that makes it seem like that’s the issue. So, when you renew, if you’re maxed on on number of domains, you may want to consider increasing your license size.

I thought that after downgrading I was back in the GPL version of things… Why is it that the free version has unlimited domains vs 10 domains on the paid version? And how would I revert to ‘basic’?


what are you asking here having ferrari by purchasing an a trabant ? you did purchased the pro version but then afterwards you downgraded to gpl… means you go backwards. GPL give you freedom and to us,means you are free to change anything you want and if you do understand the code - the poetry will say to you - you need this, do this… - I was blessed with pro version for one year, believe me or not, I did not had a time to use it (shit shame on me) really I did not had a time to do so… I missed all those things however as I said, when it happens - you would not even need cp gui… just terminal would serve you… to go back to basics - depen what you mean, I guess gpl version, you have what you wanted to be and develop for your self and others - just share - or go back to pro and get what you had before or else where get please lost :slight_smile:

also no pro source code will work for you on gpl unless you do understand the code it self…

It is possible to downgrade. The docs for that are here:

That page has docs for both uninstalling (don’t do that) and downgrading Pro to GPL (do that). It’s basically just modifying the repo paths and then installing the GPL version of the virtual-server module.

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