Cannot create mailbox in postfix...

Well I’ve done something to screw up my postfix configuration. Any mail sent to a user on the machine is bounced back as a non-existing user. When I try to create a new mailbox using virtualmin, I get the following error:

Failed to save mailbox : Missing file to open at postfix::…/ line 1936

I’ve obviously made postfix not know where to open some file…but which file is a mystery to me.
Any help so I can get this back up and running?

Hello Kevin… that error means to look into that particular perl file… and at line 1936 you should see a command that calls for a file that postfix needs.

Are you using the gpl version?

they got this thing going great with the @ sign in the user name - postfix doesn’t like it… I think dovecot is ok… so the pop3 (which uses dovecot), will respond to pickup mail with that @ username login… but when you use virtualmin to creat a user it makes two usernames with the same login…

did your virtualmin do this? remember a few days ago we were discussing this and were talking about default template settings, and module config… Well if you have it set up to make a username with a login name that has an @ character e.g.… then two users are produced and should be able to be seen by going to /webmin/system/users and groups

if it made two users… it should work.

the client only has to put in their system setup… because (and i’m guessing it is that perl script you just mentioned) some feature of virtualmin takes a sendmail (not pop or incoming) but request to send mail somewhere… and if that login comes in with a @ username it finds the matching other username and logins that way to postfix so it will not complain. postfix does not like those usernames… but they did make a workaround and it works on my system.

maybe you need upgrade or something… I’m using virtualmin pro and it did work out of box — just like joe promised — even with all the fiddle-farting around I have done with the setup.

it’s funny… because I spent about two weeks deciding to do this and do that… but now I am pretty much just like it comes out of box… (or just how the set it up).

I hope that helps

I really don’t know too much about all this but don’t mind butting in if I think it will help. and it was you and i the other day trying to sort this out…


It was working just fine. I had created 30+ mailboxes all without issue. Then I started working on the SMTP auth settings, and somehow or another, I messed postfix up to where it (I think) doesn’t know where to find a certain conf file, and therefore the virtualmin script can’t edit the file. I just don’t know exactly what conf file it’s looking for and where it’s supposed to be…(I deleted about 10 lines that I had added to the postfix conf file, thinking they weren’t needed…of course I didn’t make a backup…ugh)

hey kevin… but linux may have made a backup… navigate to the directory that this config is stored in and look for a file with the same name but with a ~ at the end…

it might be hidden… so you’ll need to make sure whatever file program you using can read/see hidden.

if you didn’t save it more than once after you did your delete thing… it might help ya’

post the section or close to it for me to see and I will look in my config file. maybe I can figure out what you lost in mine and copy/paste some stuff back for you.

oh… you made the lines… well then I might not be able to help… but if you need any help with what’s going on with my config file let me know…

Can you post your configuration file in its entirety here? I might be able to pick and choose what I need out of it (It’s crazy that I make a living as a programmer, but system administration just totally loses me…)

well… I don’t really want to post it here… but it would be easy to copy/paste it into this web form.

but if you want me to send it to you by email directly let me know… is the one you use here fine?

Yeah, the email on this site is good to contact me at.
Thanks man.