Cannot create database

I am trying to add an additional database and every time I try to add, the following error appears:

Failed to create database : Missing or invalid database name

This happens only on the primary virtual server.

What are you entering in the field for the “Database name” field? Some characters are forbidden for various reasons. I think 3.45 gives better errors than this, however, if it’s due to invalid characters rather than nothing in the field.

So, is creation of databases working now?

There’s still a bug, even if it is…as it allowed you to choose a prefix that isn’t “legal” by Virtualmin’s own rules.

This is definately a Virtualmin bug - additional databases should have the 8 -> eight conversion done on the suffixes, to avoid the problem of DBs that start with a number. I’ll fix this in the 3.46 Virtualmin release.

I have tried squirrelmail and mail. I like to distinguish db names for faster locating.

Virtualmin version 3.44

Is there an in-line update function? Where as, click here for the latest version?

Yes, you should see a section on the System Information page listing available updates, if you’re using the Virtualmin Framed Theme.

Those names should be legit, as long as they don’t already exist. Not sure what’s happening there. Upgrading to 3.45 will probably give you a better error message, anyway.

Maybe I ought to drop in on your box and see if something is amiss on your system (you can email me the details if you’d like me to have a look).

Ok, after update, I got this error, "Error
Failed to create database : Missing or invalid database name - only letters, numbers and _ are allowed"

I think I know the problem.

Before I activated domain name prefixes, I had no issues creating a database, but since then I have had issues, but never put 2 & 2 together. My test website is, thus db name is 829computers_mail and generating the error.

I deleted my existing _forum db and tried to recreate it to test my theory and again the error was produced. I did this after updating to 3.45.

I deleted the VS and recreated and the initial VM generated db is eight29computers.