Cannot connect to Webmin login screen

I am a newbie when it comes to managing a VPS. When I type I keep getting the following:

Unable to connect
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at mydomain…com:10000

Webmin was working for about a day, it was even running after I ran all the updates that I was shown by DigitalOcean. It seemed to fail after I got a notification that another update was available and I clicked the “scan for new updates” button a couple of times.

I have Roundcube webmail installed on mydomain…com and it’s working just fine, so I’ pretty sure the droplet (vps) is working. Plus when I ping my IP address from ping…eu, it comes back with a normal ping response. How do i fix webmin/virtualmin


Things to check:

Is the webmin service running? Try restarting it.

Is there a firewall somewhere blocking ports 10000:10010?

Are you just getting a certificate error and not clicking through to accept the self-signed certificate (some folks confuse that for a connection failed situation)?

I was gonna list other stuff, but that’s pretty much it. Webmin isn’t complicated, so if it’s running and the ports are reachable, you should generally be able to login.

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Hi Joe, thanks for your response. well, something happened and I can now access my login page and login to Webmin. Don’t know what happened. thanks for your help, anyway.

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