cannot access Usermin (nevermind, was a cable problem)


I just installed Virtualmin (6.05) via the script on a freshly set up Ubuntu Server 16.04.5. I was able to set up all of the normal things such as a domain with an alias, get a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, add a few user accounts, as well as send and receive emails through the Virtualmin dashboard.

Unfortunately, I cannot access the Usermin dashboard (neither nor work). Port 20000 is open on the router, FireWallD and Linux Firewall seem to be configured properly (I didn’t have to set anything as port 20000 seems to already be set up).

Any thoughts, things to check, runes to cast?


is this a cloud server? if so, have you checked the cloud network firewall port 20000 is open?

EDIT…oh sorry you mentioned router port… i missed that.

Are you able to log in from Virtualmin dashboard? ( ie Virtualmin>Edit User>Select user from the list>click on “Login to Usermin” Tab down the bottom.

virtualmin should log you into Usermin automatically

Also, what format are you inputing your username?

Remember that there are two shown in virtualmin/users

  1. Email address

  2. IMAP / POP3 / FTP login

However, if you look at your virtualmin>edit users, you will notice that the primary server administrator account may just be a name (and not name.virtual_server or name@virtual_server).

On my Server, additional names “after the first one”, are shown as user.virtual_server but the first one is only “name” (for me the primary user is the same as virtual_server_name)

Example, on my Virtualmin Server, the very “first usermin account” login is

username= adamjbogan (just the name of the virtual server primary user with nothing else after it…

I do not input adamjbogan.virtual_server, or adamjbogan@virtual_server

password=my password

for any other usermin accounts on my virtualmin virtual server… usernames would be something like the following examples

admin.adamjbogan or,
support.adamjbogan and/or,

but as i said earlier, the very first usermin user is just adamjbogan! (nothing else)

Thats how mine seems to be working.

Hope this helps you out.

kind regards

Yes, I can reach the Virtualmin dashboard just fine on port 10000 from the outside of the router. However, when I try to access port 20000 for the Usermin dashboard the browsers time out. I don’t think this is a router problem as I have opened up port the ports on the router and can see traffic hitting the 20000 port. It seems to stop at the server, but FirewallD and the Linux Firewall seem to be configured to allow this traffic on the server. Something is getting lost.

By the way, the user names are not in user.account format (user.blah), they are in the username@domain format ( . This is also confirmed in the response from http://autoconfig.domain/mail/config-v1.1.xml?emailaddress=local@domain which gives the user login names as user@domain (

I haven’t yet tried to see if I can send/receive via IMAP or SMTP yet.

No worries.
It’s like a cloud server. It’s a VM on a XenServer sitting behind an internet-facing router.

Sweet Zombie Jesus! It was a bad network cable!!!
That will be the last time I use an Amazon Basics Ethernet cable.
I replaced it and suddenly those weird, intermittent network errors went away.
Usermin works great now.