cannot access roundcube and the rest of the installed from scripts

hi. i am new to the area of virtualmin. i am running in a vps, debian 7 with Virtualmin version 5.05.gpl
i have registered two domains eg and
i have created email acocunts in each domain and through usermin i can send/receive for each of the domains.
i do need to offer roundcube to the users and i have installed from the available scripts the roundcube. at the end it says that i can access the roundcube at and respectively.
unfortunately when i visit those pages i cannot access anything, i get an error
Not Found

The requested URL /roundcube was not found on this server.

the same problem applies when i install squirelmail, phpmyadmin and the rest of the available software from scripts.
in the server i can see that there a folder in /home/abc/public_html/roundcube and /home/xyz/public_html/roundcube
could someone tell me how i could access the software/s for each of the domains?

I installed word press through the scripts in virtualmin server.
when i am trying to access the url link(, it’s givin following error

The requested page “/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php” could not be found.

Please help.