cannot acces my virtual server created

after installation and configuration of the VM 3.83 GPL on Centos 5.2 i’ve created one server and all seems to be ok, all servers are running but when i try to access br browser the server i get “obeject not found error 404” more you try this address and see. in the error log i have: “[error] [client] Attempt to serve directory: /home/maveion/public_html/” can any one help me with this error, thanks!


That’s a pretty unusual error :slight_smile:

Did you upload a web application of some sort into your public_html folder? If so, what web application is that?

Also, is your home directory actually what the error above suggests, “/home/maveion”?


into the /home/maveion/public_html there are many apps such as: gallery2, gbook and some. yes, the /home/maveion is the home directory for the virt server. i think there is a problem to the directives mentioned both in servre section and in folder section?! but what means this error? the httpd cannot find the home directory or what?

Well, it looks like whatever app that’s being launched when you browse to your site is throwing the error you’re seeing… you may need to review the configuration of that app, as well as check any .htaccess file that’s in the public_html dir.


solved, i’ved deleted that virtul server and recreated, and its woking now…