Can you store access logs with virtualmin/webmin and a cron job question.


I am new to virtualmin/webmin and would like to clear a few things up before I start to use this as a control panel on my new vps.

I have been using Cpanell with shared hosting for a long time and this is my first time configuring my own VPS. I would like to try something that does not need me to pay monthly for a Cpanel licsense and I have found Virtualmin/webmin to be more that satisfactory for my needs. I am going to use this for my own sites on a vps server.

My websites are affiliate based and my affiliate company requires me to store my raw access log files each month. This is a simple thing to do in Cpanel but I would like to know please is this possible with Virtualmin/webmin. With my cpanel shared hosting I am able to store the raw access logs for each month for all addon domains on my shared hosting account in one gzipped file. Can this be done with virtualmin/webmin using addon domains?

Also am I able to use a cron job that I was using in cpanel on a virtualmi/webmin control panel?

I would like to note that I would be using the free GPL version of virtualmin/webmin and not the Pro version.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

Can anyone please advise me with a answer to my question? Have I asked this question in the wrong section of the forum and if so please what section would be best to ask this question so I could get an appropriate response and resolution.

Thank you kindly in advance.


The Apache logs for each domani are stored as individual files in /var/log/virtualmin.

You could tweak the log rotation schedules in /etc/logrotate.conf if you wish to change the default length that they’re stored for existing domains.

For new domains, I think you can set that by going into Webmin -> System -> Log File Rotation -> Edit Global Options.


Sorry for the late reply :frowning:

Thank you kindly Eric (andreychek) for your help and advice.

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