Can you add more nameservers on dedicated IPs to host 'private' sites?

I managed to get another IP (thanks to the advice here!) so I am thinking about setting up a new set of nameservers for this IP.

What I’d like to do is keep some sites totally separate (from an external point of view anyway) so I’d like to have my personal sites on one IP/first set of nameservers and my client sites on the second IP/nameservers.

By doing this, would there be anyway for people to see what’s on the server as a whole? Currently you can use sites like to see what other sites are on a server, and ideally, I’d want to keep these two types of sites separate - is setting up a new nameserver with a dedicated IP the best way to go about this? (If so, anyone know from the top of their head how to go about it? If not, are there any other ways to achieve this without buying another server?)

Thanks in advance.

Though I never tried this setup, it should be possible to use the Server Templates’ BIND section to specify individual sets of nameservers for specific virtual servers.

You can specify the Master DNS Server hostname in the template. The issue is that in this constellation, you can’t use the DNS Cluster Slave feature, because Webmin will create all master zones on all slaves as well. You can’t have it do that individually. So you’d need to manually create your zones on the slaves.

If you do that, you can use the “Additional manually configured nameservers” box in the template to add the correct slave server.

Thanks Locutus. I don’t use the cluster slave feature so I should be ok there.

I’m not sure where to add the additional nameservers and IP though - is it webmin > Network Configuration > host addresses?

Is what I am doing unusual? If so, is there a better way to host websites separately from others on the same server?

It’s in the “System Settings -> Server Template -> BIND DNS Domain”.

The DNS setup is somewhat unusual, yeah. It’s rather standard to host websites on different IPs, but to try and completely separate the nameservers is not something I’ve seen or done. :slight_smile: I personally don’t really see the advantage of that. Keeping the webserver IPs separate should suffice to keep the sites off “web spy” lists, the nameserver IPs don’t really play a role there.

Do you mean in ‘Additional manually configured nameservers’?

Yes, as per my previous post. :slight_smile: