Can Vritualmin skip a virtual server backup when one exists at the destination?

Hi All,

I am moving server and taking backup of all 145 virtual servers to another server using the “Backup Virtual Servers” page. Now the problem is, it takes hours to take this backup and sometime in between the backup fails even if I select “Continue with other features and servers”. So out of 145 servers for example, 60 gets backed up and then the process stops without giving any error and no backup log in “Backup Logs” page.

Now the backups doesn’t happen in any particular series. So how do I select the the 60 servers from the list to take back up of remaining servers? Its a nightmare to check the destination and select the ones backed up or select the ones not backed up. I did go through the list and selected remaining servers but the backup failed the 2nd time as well.

Is there any easy way around? Like skip taking a backup if backup already exists at the destination or something?

Thank you.