Can not log in with regular user

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Virtualmin version 7.1-1

Can’t log in. Not even when I change the users password.
I checked the error logs and it said “invalid password” even when it is the right password.

Hello @FulviusBaxter and welcome to the community.

Can’t login to what? Virtualmin?

How exactly did you change password?

sudo /usr/libexec/webmin/ /etc/webmin root xyzpassword

I can’t log in to virtualmin

Please ignore. We didn’t change after all.

I recommend you not use in the general case. Webmin is configured, by default, to use system passwords (whatever PAM is configured to authenticate against, usually /etc/shadow). Using will set a password that is local to Webmin…which is fine if that’s what you intend to happen, but for folks who are already having trouble keeping up with passwords having two potentially different passwords for a user seems like asking for trouble.

In short: Just use passwd to set your password from the command line.

We changed password, as you described, but my websites went down, so we switched back to the old one. Which also means that the old one is correct. But I still can’t log in.

Can’t login to what?

To the system, Virtualmin.

It probably means the database is using the old password (databases do not use the system user password database, in the general case). It says nothing about the system user, or the (possibly different, depending on how you set it) Webmin user.

For a Virtualmin user with databases and other services, you should change the password within Virtualmin (in the Edit Virtual Server page) if you want them to all match. But, many people like for database to have its own password, independent of the system user.

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