Can not import domains. Error in import.cgi

I installed Virtualmin today on a Ubuntu 11.10 server.

Configuration check gives no errors.

When trying to import virtual host, the checks are also done without any error message.

But when i click on “Yes, import domain” i get the following error:

Creating directories under home directory
… done

HTTP/1.0 500 Perl execution failed Server: MiniServ/1.580 Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2012 08:25:05 GMT Content-type: text/html; Charset=iso-8859-1 Connection: close

Error - Perl execution failed

Undefined subroutine &bind8::list_slave_servers called at /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/import.cgi line 283.

How to solve this.
(The server has BIND9 installed)

First of all, it is recommended to use Virtualmin only on officially supported system (here that’d be Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, since only the LTS versions are supported - or wait a bit till 12.04 LTS comes out and is added to the installer), and install it on a fresh system, letting it configure all packages and software to its needs.

If you have the chance to try that, it could save you a lot of trouble trying to set up/fix things manually.

Sorry but this is the server as i will have to work with, no chance to downgrade the OS.