Can not delete stuff !


I am accessing one of my virtual servers
( on virtual min pro) using SmartFTP and I am
unable to delete some files, or update them.

This is what I get:

226 Directory send OK.

[19:33:34] DELE index.php

[19:33:34] 550 Delete operation failed.

I checked the permissions and they are set to 755

This is the same as the other directories on which I can
update an delete fine.

I am logged in as the administrator (root) so I should nt have any restrictions.

Does any one have any idea why I can not access certain directories
or what other settings I should check ?

This is the first time I have come accros this problem :frowning:


Its not just permissions on the file…most likely the user:group needs to be changed to the user:group of the user you are logging in with via FTP

I think that this is happening because I tried a short cut. :frowning:

I have some web pages on one virtual server and I wanted to move them to another on that is on the same physical server, so I went into File Manager and just dragged the sub-directory that I wanted from one
VS (directory) to where I wanted it.

This saved the time of having to FTP all the data from my pc again.

Problem is, I think that this directory does’t recognize the user that is assigned to its new virtual server.

Is there a table where this information is held so that I can get this directory properly assigned to its virtual server and the corresponding user ?


Hello Again.

I just checked with the WebMin File Manager
and I can see that some of my sub-directories do indeed
have the previous user details.

Although I can see them on this table, I don’t know how I can edit

Can anyone point me in the right direction ?



On the command line, the “chown” program can be used to change the owner of a file.

Within the filemanager you’re using, you can do that by clicking a file or directory, and selecting the “Info” button at the top.


Thanks VERY much for your
help. I sorted it out now. :slight_smile: