"can isntall scripts" for all future servers

Seems like most of my problems are clearing up. Biggest thing i think changed it, was enabling ipv6 on the network…but i digress

So i am doing some role testing…i make the server for a customer(server owner is what im coming to learn is what they are called) and then they get the login credentials for Webmin. all working fine. but i cant seem to find out how to enable all my servers going forward have the ability to install scripts. I can do it from:

virtualserver>Administration Options>Edit Owner Limits>Allowed capabilities> and check the box for Can install scripts

…but i want that to be the default for any new server

Under Virtualmin → System Settings → Account Plans you could permanently assign features and capabilities to the default plan or any new custom plan. You could, for example, enable the check box for “Can install scripts” here and this will enable your customers to install scripts in all future virtual servers that are created on your system.

Gotcha. I will look at that. I get that it might not be the best practice to do so though am i right? An admin would generally just install the script they want right? like if they want Wordpress, i control the script to only give them WP, or if they want MediWiki, I install media wiki for them

I would consider it safe to let users / customers install any of those scripts.

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