Can i use Amazon S3 or another cloud space to store emails?

OS type and version: CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Webmin version: 1.973
Virtualmin version: 6.16
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

I would like to connect a cloud storage like amazon s3 other any other you can recommend to extend the space for my emails. Is that possible throught virtualmin and how can i do it?


With Virtualmin on a server on AWS, it is quite trivial to create block storage and move /home there. I said move, not extend, mind you.

The answer would be a bit more involved if Virtualmin was not on an AWS server and you wanted to extend storage space. It could certainly be done but it adds too many points of failure for it to be viable as a substitute for plain vanilla local storage or even the block storage offered by your VPS host, whoever that might be.

Virtualmin is not on AWS it is on a VPS so do you think i can try and how?

calport’s already told you it is not recommended, and I agree with him.

Dovecot, in very recent versions, supports S3 storage for mail spools, but procmail does not. You’d have to redesign your whole mail stack to accommodate storing everything in a cloud object store…the Virtualmin default stack will not do it. There are numerous problems with doing it, aside from that. Performance will be an issue if you aren’t hosting everything at AWS.

You can also use a FUSE filesystem to mount S3 as a “local” filesystem, which all of the Virtualmin stack would work with, but that would mean all of /home is mounted remotely at S3. HUGE performance problem, particularly if you aren’t hosted at AWS.

In short: If you are not hosting everything at AWS, you should not do this! If you’re hosted at AWS, it becomes, “You could do this, and the performance cost would be moderate but not crippling, but it would be difficult…you probably still should not do this.”

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