Can I set Maximum age of temporary files to 0?

Context: I have a backup schedule where all my virtual servers are backed up by a single scheduled backup and sent to a S3 bucket but as soon my used disk storage goes >50% the backup starts to fail due to no space left on disk.

My question is: Can I set Maximum age of temporary files to 0 days in a way that I can create more schedules to not use all my disk at once?
Also, does temporary files are created at all with 0 days or their creation are ignored?

To create free space if you are going to set maximum age of temporary files to 0 days, it might impact the operations of your system and its stability.

If you are unable to have available the required free space needed by Virtualmin’s backup module to create an archive before it is transferred to your S3 bucket then you will have to switch to a backup procedure that does not need to create large archives. You could consider as an alternative.

Also Anniversary Refinements to my Backup Routine

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Single scheduled backup in a single file or multiple files? I also assume you mean in the /tmp directory

You can use tmpwatch or tempreaper but as calport said if you start deleting tmp files that are needed you’ll make your system unstable. If multiple files, I’d set a specific backup time for each server and then I’d add a cron job to search for files in your tmp created by the backup (based on size or user or extension) and then delete it. Run the next back up and do the same again and so on. Just make sure you leave enough time to let the backup complete.

Thanks @stuckinthehouse.
Setting up multiples schedules was my original plan but I was looking for a l̶a̶z̶y quick solution as I have about 40 domains in that particular instance. Better safe than sorry.

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