Can I Pay You to Set This Up For Me?

Despite my very best efforts, I can’t get this working. I just need to be able to send emails that will have the best chance of NOT being thought of as spam to a large number of email addresses. I use Thunderbird to check my mail (this also proved to be a big problem for me). My VPS is with VIRPUS and I purchased my domain from GoDaddy.

I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, but I suspect that I’ve messed some things up. I’ve tried changing the nameservers and DNS and EVERYTHING, I even messed with the ZONE FILE EDITOR on GoDaddy. So, just be aware that there may be some additional things to do to get this working.

I’ve tried with Ubuntu and Debian using different tutorials across the internet.

Now I’m just frustrated and would like to be done with it.

If you’d be willing to do this, please let me know and how much you would charge for it.


What problem exactly are you seeing? What are you trying, what goes wrong? What gets logged in the mail log/syslog in /var/log at the moment of trying? What distro are you using presently? Did you use the Virtualmin installer script on a fresh minimal OS to install the server?

I can offer personal support at 30 EUR/hr via Skype/screen sharing. Those questions I posted above though are ones that I’d have to ask in any case, to get an idea what I’d have to do to help you. :wink:

I’ll give you a brief overview of the issues, as best I can remember. At times, I get an error saying something to the effect that the host name isn’t in the mydestinations line. When I recheck the config, I also get External IP address for DNS records is set to, but the detected external address is actually This may cause DNS records for Virtualmin domains to point to the wrong system.

When trying to connect to the server via Thunderbird, I get - Sending of message failed.
An error occurred sending mail: SMTP server is unknown. The server may be incorrectly configured. Please verify that your SMTP server settings are correct and try again.

Right now, Virtualmin is installed on Unbuntu 10.04.3

I’ve also tried to run it on Debian 7

Here’s a copy of my zone files from GoDaddy (I attached this info as a screen shot as well)


; A Records
@ 600 IN A
@ 600 IN A

; CNAME Records
www 3600 IN CNAME @
mobilemail 3600 IN CNAME
email 3600 IN CNAME
imap 3600 IN CNAME
ftp 3600 IN CNAME @
files 3600 IN CNAME
fax 3600 IN CNAME
calendar 3600 IN CNAME
mail 3600 IN CNAME
pop 3600 IN CNAME
smtp 3600 IN CNAME

; MX Records
@ 3600 IN MX 0
@ 3600 IN MX 10
@ 3600 IN MX 5

; TXT Records
@ 3600 IN TXT “google-site-verification=zs8urbEpFCut-z1oNHp5i4uwFrB_rv0QxDKbxACjhFU”

My hostnames are set to -
N2341 2604:C00:A:1:0:1:20B1:A74

My nameservers are set to -

And this is the suggested DNS records from Virtualmin IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN MX 5 IN TXT “v=spf1 a mx ip4: ip6:2604:c00:a:1:0:1:20b1:a74 ip6:2604:c00:a:1:0:1:20b1:a74 ?all” IN AAAA 2604:c00:a:1:0:1:20b1:a74 IN AAAA 2604:c00:a:1:0:1:20b1:a74 IN AAAA 2604:c00:a:1:0:1:20b1:a74 IN AAAA 2604:c00:a:1:0:1:20b1:a74 IN AAAA 2604:c00:a:1:0:1:20b1:a74 IN AAAA 2604:c00:a:1:0:1:20b1:a74

I’m going to wait to hear back from you, but I’m thinking I may just need to start over.

Also - the information from my VPS server for (this is listed by VIRPUS as the MAIN IP, I also have .32, .38, .41, .42 and .237) is:
IP Address

And I found a spot to change the reverse dns entry for the ip as well.


Okay I quickly went through your posts, and there seems to be some oddities in the GoDaddy zone. E.g. both an external and your system are listed as MX for your domain, with the external system having the highest priority. That would mean mail first goes to that external system, and your server would act as a backup if the external system fails.

Since you’re pondering both to get paid support, and to start from scratch, my suggestion would be to use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (10.04 is 4 years old :slight_smile: ). Ubuntu 14.04 just came out, but my suggestion would be to not use that until the first dot-release (14.04.1 I assume) is out. New major releases often have “teething troubles”, and it’ll be a while until Virtualmin fully supports it and irons out glitches and hiccups. 12.04 though is stable and proven, and will be supported until 2017.

We could communicate via Skype to talk about what precisely you’re intending to do with your system, i.e. if you wish to host web pages, mail and DNS zones on your system or externally, and what hostnames etc. you wish to use, and I can help you set stuff up properly. To do that, it’s indeed best and easiest to start fresh, especially if your system is not in production use yet.

To give you some bright prospects: When you install Virtualmin on a minimal grade A supported system, e.g. Ubuntu 12, using the installer script (that’s very important!), the installation is very straightforward and you’ll end up with a system that works out of the box.

If you’d like personal support, feel free to contact me on Skype, username “Loc2262”. I’m in timezone UTC+2 (since today, DST just started :slight_smile: ).