Can I help write support for Postgres in Virtualmin

The postgres database support option is "unavailable". I am hoping this is not a difficult add and would be willing to help pgm / debug.

Having written a lot of software I would not expect to take too long to get up to speed.

That said there is not ambition to re-invent the wheel and if there is existing code to work with or people who have started a simular task can you let me know?



Hey Richard,

Where do you see it as “unavailable”? Virtualmin/Webmin/Usermin has complete support for PostgreSQL. It can create/edit/delete databases, delegate creation and maintenance to domain owners, etc. I can’t think of much else we could add to Postgres support (though I’m open to ideas).

Of course, I don’t want to dissuade you from doing any Webmin development work. But, as you say, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel.

Hi Joe,

When I create a new virtual server the page "New Virtual Server" has next to "create PostgreSQL database" the words "unavailable" instead of the expected yes/no answer.

When I then access no postgres user / database has been created.

If I then go into the users view of the virtual server the "servers" tab contains the entry for mysql but none for postgresql.

If I go into the postgresql control as master and add the new user and create a database it still does not appear in the users control panel.

Very glad not to make wheels when wheels are already made but I must have mussed it up somehow :slight_smile:

Hey Richard,

Oh, it’s just disabled in the module configuration.

Click the Module Config link in the upper left corner.

Find the "PostgreSQL setup and configuration enabled?" option. Select "Yes, but not by default" or "Yes", depending on whether you want PostgreSQL databases for some domains or all.

Ok thanks!

Postgresql now operational. This package is awesome!

Limit here is obviously my own understanding.

thanks again