Can I easily move one virtual server from one VPS-virtualmin instance to another?

Here is my situation:

I set up two virtualmin servers, each on separate VPS instances on different physical servers.
One runs fine, but the other seems a mess: Apache is often not running, and the storage is quickly filled up with core files, which means even e-mail cannot deliver properly.

Is there an easy way then to move the various virtual servers instances on the ‘bad’ virtualmin server to the good one so that I can dump it and start over? I only know of the ability to move instances within the same server.


Yup! All you have to do is generate a full backup for the Virtual Servers you wish to migrate (from within Backup and Restore), copy that backup to the new server, and restore it onto that new server.

That will handle migrating your various Virtual Servers, and their data, settings, and such.


Well, if 100Gb of space is being taken up on your filesystem – I couldn’t guess as to why, but what you could do is review the files, and do some detective work as to what is generating them.

Chances are – some website is generating files, and not cleaning up after itself.