Can I create a virtual server with a subdomain?

I want to create a virtual server but the domain name is a subdomain of an existing virtual server. for example, I have configured on the server and I want the new one to be with ftp/mysql’s username as xxx.

Can I do this in Virtualmin GPL?


I would also like to know how to do this.

If someone knows, I’d really appreciate it also.


Hey Jianshi,

Of course. A “subdomain” is just a name. Virtualmin doesn’t care about names. Virtualmin only cares whether you want the same user to manage it or a different one.

To create one managed by a different user, just create a new virtual server.

To create one managed by the same user as the parent domain, click "Create New Virtual Server" and then select "Sub-server of …" from the "New virtual server type:" menu. This will convert the form to the slightly simpler Sub-server creation form.

Problem solved.

There used to be a "Sub-domain" mode modeled after the cPanel sub-domain design, but it turned out to be stupid. So we removed it. You can enable it again, if you really really really like the way the cPanel folks do it. But it gains you nothing, and makes the sub-domain account less useful.

Oh, yeah, if you’re coming from cPanel, there’s a new guide in the wiki about some things that confuse users who are used to the cPanel way of doing things.

You can find it here:,virtualmin_for_cpanel_users/

Holler if there’s anything else about coming to Virtualmin for the first time that confuses you, and I’ll add it.

Great, thanks for the link.

Is it possible to assign the sub-server to a “new” user? So the parent server doesn’t own the sub-domain / owns it with another user?

Just wondering, thanks alot.

Sure, that’s the first case I mentioned above “To create one managed by a different user” (different meaning, “one that doesn’t exist yet”).