can I copy a server with virtulmin to another server using SSH and FTP only

I have a linux centos 6 dedicated server with virtualmin and 4o websites ( my own websites).

There is a hard disk problem and now the server is in rescue mode.

I have access to all my files in the server using SSH and FTP.
I would like to move all my websites including the virtualmin setup to a new server.

if I copy all directories and files in the old server to the new server using SCP command,
(/var, /usr, /home, /etc/, /boot and everything)
will my websites work?

If I should copy only some directories, please mention them.

nameservers, ip address etc will change, so, how to modify them for all the sites?

Please suggest.



Do you have access to Virtualmin?

If so, I’d recommend using Virtualmin to generate backups of your sites, and then restoring those backups on the new server.

You can even run the Virtualmin backups from the command line if you wanted. You can run “virtualmin backup-domain” to see a list of options.

That would be the easiest way to migrate.


thanks for quick reply.

I don’t have access to virtulamin web interface.

However, I have full root access through SSH.

Is there any documentation regarding “virtualmin backup-domain” or how to backup using SSH?

I also need to copy all virtualmin and webmin settings.

Please suggest.



If you run “virtualmin backup-domain” without any additional options, it shows a list of options you can use.

You can run that from the command line, use a directory as the backup destination, and then use scp to copy the backups from one system to the other, and then perform a restore on the new system.

You could also copy in all of /etc/webmin as well, though you may want to do that after performing the restore.