Can Bugzilla / Subversion be integrated with wiki?

Wordpress wiki has an interesting “timeline” feature that is generated (apparently) from their TRAK system. That’s a bug/issue tracker that I’m still hoping with make it’s way into Virtualmin (vote for it if you want it hint), but for now, I am asking if anyone knows how to generate something very similar to this( with Bugzilla3 / Subversion and either TWiki OR DokuWiki

If so, any experience on how much trouble it is? was it worth it, etc.

Also, links to example sites would be appreciated. This is just something I want to implement on my server.

I have several sites with wikis. I’d want them to remain separate, so I guess that would mean separate Bugzilla/Subversion (?) installs too.

Thanks to you all.<br><br>Post edited by: tabletguy, at: 2007/08/04 11:28