Can anyone post dovecot.conf and

I’ve been dealing with a Dovecot/postfix configuration for weeks without finding a solution.

Could anyone post a working dovecot.conf and configuration with Virtual Users?

Maybe that helps me to solve my problem.

Thanks very much!

as attached

Getting Postfix & Dovecot to work seems particularly troublesome.

Not just reading through these forums, it seems to be problematic in general.
The fact that there are dozens of tutorials out there that suggest using mySQL is a good idea (instead of hash files), doesn’t really help.

It seems the validation/config checks done by webmin don’t know very much about the VirtualMin side of things currently?

I have also seen the “validate virtual domain” succeeding in VirtualMin, while postfix and dovecot were not yet working properly.

In other words, it might be a good idea to ask people to upload their broken postfix and dovecot configuration files, so that VirtualMin can be taught what to look for.

It’s not just about checking the config files, many simple tests could be done in a scripted fashion - such as telnet localhost 25 - and checking the response, comparing the result with “telnet 25”, trying different domains/IPs (virtual domains are harder to get right than non virtual ones).

This couldn’t be done just for SMTP (postfix), but also for IMAP, so that there’s at least some better error checking going on while virtual domains are validated.

I am sure that most people facing such issues, would happily upload their broken config files and share them for troubleshooting.

It’d be golden, if VirtualMin had a built-in feature that says “feature broken: upload config files for troubleshooting” - special strings (user names and passwords) could be anonymized then.