Calling Let's Encrypt request certificate from remote-api

Hi there!

I have a custom manager website that makes some calls to a Virtualmin through its Remote API (which, if I understood it correctly, it’s a wrapper for its command-line API). Problem is, now I need something not provided by its basic commands: to make a Let’s Encrypt certificate request. Nothing fancy, mind you, just the same functionality as if I were pressing this button:

alt text

And for that I guess I would have to write a command line command that calls to the appropriate module function or… something like that?, but I couldn’t find any documentation about writing custom commands.

I don’t expect you to write it for me, of course, but as a newbie Virtualmin developer I would appreciate some directions and pointers about how to approach this problem. Do I write a script? Where should I hook it? and such…

Thank you for your time.

PS: Who knows? Maybe it turns out being a nice command which I could, of course, share with the rest of the community :slight_smile: